How Do I Protect My Main Email Account?

Is your main email account full of spam messages?

Do you wish there was a way to protect your main email account from all this spam?

When you give out your main email account address this can/is sold and added to a spammers list. When you give your email address to a business, they may sell this to a marketing company who will then sell on your email address. Spammers can harvest email addresses from websites, chat rooms, mailing lists etc. You may intentionally click on the Unsubscribe link in a spam email thinking this will stop the spam email. This will only confirm to the spammer that your email address is an active account. Your email address is now worth more and will be sold on.

I protect my main email account with a proxy email service from SimpleLogin ( This is an excellent service SimpleLogin offer to protect your main email account. It is easy to set up and use and they offer a free or paid account. The free account allows you to have up to 15 aliases and unlimited send/replies. They have browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

There are many advantages of using a proxy email service like SimpleLogin. It will protect your main email account spam as you can just delete the email alias when you have finished communicating with the business and you will not receive any spam emails from this email alias. It will protect your main account with an alias email then your main account will not be compromised in a data breach. If you use an alias email when you sign up for a service and you no longer wish to use the service, you can easily delete the alias email. This is useful if the service makes it hard for you to unsubscribe.

Check out Techlore’s Odysee channel for a good explanation of how to use SimpleLogin: SimpleLogin Review – How Have I Survived Without It!? (

Simplelogin has a useful guide on their website on how to set up and use their service. Once you start using a proxy email service you will have control over those annoying spam emails.

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