The extent to which your data is harvested

Below is a list of the data these organisations may know about you.



  • Every location you have visited.
  • Every website you have visited and your search history.
  • Your age, gender, hobbies, career, interests, and relationships.
  • Every app you have used, how often you use them and who you interact with (including Facebook data).
  • All your viewing history on You Tube.
  • Your websites you have bookmarked.
  • All the data from your phone including voice conversations.
  • All your email messages.
  • Every event you have attended
  • What you and your friends like and dislike.
  • All your contact information online and in your phone.
  • All your data stored on Google Drive and OneDrive.
  • Every image taken on your phone.
  • All the data in your calendar.
  • The music you listen to.
  • Conversations in your home and on your phone.
  • When you log in, your location, and device/s used.
  • Every file you have ever been sent or viewed.
  • All the data from apps on your phone.
  • Some or all your health data.
  • Where you shop and how much you spend.
  • Data you share on WhatsApp and Instagram.
  • Data extracted from your family, children, and friends.
  • What you and your family & friends look like and sound like.
  • What you watch on TV and in the cinema.
  • Your religion and political allegiances.
  • How much wealth you have including pension information.
  • Your complete work history and qualifications.
  • Every magazine and newspaper you have read.
  • How much exercise you do.
  • Your children’s location, age, school, and academic history.
  • Your criminal record or any criminal incident you are involved in.
  • Your bio metric data (fingerprint – face and voice).
  • Any questionnaires you have completed.


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