Digital Privacy – Why does it matter?

Privacy is a right don’t lose it.

I’m a Digital Privacy advocate and my role is to educate people on why it is important that they protect their online privacy, the dangers of not doing this and practical steps to achieve this. With these facts you can choose how you wish to use the Internet.


Most people I speak to don’t give their Privacy a real consideration in their daily life. What would your life be like if you had no privacy. If everyone knew everything about you and your family. The sad fact is that the way people use online services today results in them having no real control over the data that is harvested by the un-regulated organisations that manipulate and monetise their users. People are sacrificing their privacy for convenience. This is not a fair swap. These data companies are building a comprehensive picture of you and your family which includes your history and your future.


Your privacy online and offline is very important to protect. When you have lost it is will be very difficult to get it back. In this blog I will show you the extend of data harvesting and why you should be concerned and what practical steps you can do to protect your family from manipulation and monetisation.


When i speak to people about protecting their online privacy I often get this answer; I don’t care about my online privacy as I have nothing to hide.


Everyone has something they would like to keep private and have the right to choose who to share this private information with. Privacy is the barrier that protects you from anyone who wishes to do you harm. Privacy lets you keep control of who you trust and who do don’t.  It is not about having something to hide it is about having personal information to protect.


Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different from saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say. Edward Snowden.


Privacy is your right that is why it was enshrined in law (Human Rights Act Article 8) . The more privacy you have the more power you have over you life.


Data has now passed Gold as the most lucrative commodity on planet Earth. You spent all year creating the data and then you just give it away and get a few free services in return. The unregulated digital organisations then sell access to your data and make billions profit each year. Who is getting the best from this deal?


As a Digital Privacy Advocate I have spent years researching the big digital organisations and the data harvesting industry and I was shocked by the sheer amount of data they have on every human being on planet earth. I was amazed at the lengths they will go to for every bit of your data. It is data harvesting on a global scale.


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