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Scan Disk & Defragmenter

Scandisk and Defragmenter are free utilities that come with all Windows Operating systems. These utilities are designed to assist you in keeping your hard drive and data in shape.

SCANDISK is a utility in Microsoft Windows systems which checks and repairs file systems and bad clusters on the hard drive.

Fragmentation occurs when the operating system cannot or will not allocate enough contiguous space to store a complete file as a unit, but instead puts parts of it in gaps between other files. Larger files and greater numbers of files also contribute to fragmentation and consequent performance loss. Defragmentation (using Defragmenter) attempts to alleviate these problems.

It is recommended that you run Scandisk and Defragmenter once a month. Run Scandisk first then run Defragmenter.

Click on the fact sheets below for instructions on how to run these utilities.


Running Scandisk on Windows XP

Running Scandisk on Windows Vista/7

Running Defragmenter on Windows XP

Running Defragmenter on Windows Vista/7



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