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The Art Of Composition

In our modern world of automatic cameras, which focus for us and adjust the exposure in an ever more perfect way (most of the time), the biggest difference between a good photograph and a mediocre one is the composition.

Composition is all about putting together objects in your viewfinder in such a way as to emphasis the bits you want to, making them stand out in just the right way. These objects include anything in the foreground, the background, those that "frame" the picture, and most importantly light.

No matter how expensive your camera equipment is, that without a knowledge of composition, you'll never be able to "capture" the essence of the image you see. Worse still, someone with a cheaper set up, and who knows about composition, will more than likely be producing better photographs.

Annoyingly, some people seem to have the knack for creating well composed images, while others have to shoot and shoot whilst they hone their composition skills. The important thing to remember is that wherever you start, you will only get better with practice.

To help you understand composition, ComputerFixed has put together a fact sheet on what composition is and how to implement it into your photography.

The Art Of Composition fact sheet.


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