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Windows 7

Windows 7 is currently the newest operating system for Microsoft. After the poor performance of Windows Vista, Windows 7 is a breath of fresh air.

ComputerFixed has thoroughly tested Windows 7 and agrees with the current consensus that this is the best operating system that Microsoft has produced.

To assist your clients in getting to know the new operating system, ComputerFixed has put together some fact sheets on the new features of Windows 7.

Please feel free to download and distribute these fact sheets. If you need any help or advice regarding Windows 7 then please contact us.

We will be uploading more Windows 7 fact sheets soon.

Fact sheets:

Using Jump Lists

Using the search feature

The Action Center


Using Libraries

Sticky Notes

Upgraded Calculator

Desktop Themes and Backgrounds

Computer System Information

Parental Controls

BitLocker Drive Encryption

Problem Step Recorder

Create a System Repair Disk

Windows Live Essentials


Windows 7 Shortcuts

Windows 7 Versions




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