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ComputerFixed Articles

At ComputerFixed we believe in offering advice and guidance absolutely free. Just click on the relevant link/s below for our articles. You can use these articles as you see fit but please credit ComputerFixed if you publish them.

Keep checking back as new articles will be published here on a regular basis.

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Articles Computing:

How can I backup my important data?

Removing a program.

Running Scan disk & Defragmenter.

Understanding music & video formats.

What are KB, MB, TB & PB?

What is an Operating System?

What monitor should I buy?

Why is memory (RAM) important?

What printer should I buy?

Windows 7 new features

Articles Internet:

Virus/Spyware and Phishing advice.

What Internet security should I have?

Articles Photography:

The art of composition.

How to use your shutter speed.

How to use your aperture.

How to use your ISO settings.

How to use your white balance settings.

How to use your scene modes.








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